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My 1st "QSO" & 1st transmission ever!

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Am currently applying for an Amateur radio license (Ham Radio), after easily passing the written exam there is still a practical exam here in Kuwait where trainee are trained & then examined practically.

My 1st "QSO" or amateur radio conversation took place on the 12th of May 2009 at 16:51 UTC with Italian guy named "Moreno" call sign "IK6LBV" (India Kilo Six Lima Bravo Vector).
The conversation was conducted from the Kuwaiti Amateur Radio club station "9K2RA" (Nine Kilo Two Romeo Alpha).

Then other "QSO"s:
"IZ6CLZ" (India Zulo Six Charlie Lima Zulu)
"IT9NMJ" (India Tango Nine November Mike Juliet)
"II2ERBA" (India India Two Echo Romeo Bravo Alpha), which is a special event station for celebrating 20 years of the Amateur Radio League in Albino Italy, guy named Slavyo (hope the spelling is correct).

Then yesterday 17th of May 2009, I went on the air with my 1st "DX" ever, I screwed up @ the beginning xD, but soon I was doing okay.
Didn't record all call signs on my book here, they are all logged into the computer there.

Spoke to a guy in UAE, Germany, Italy, Russia & others.

One of the stations were a Russian airport with special call sign.

Anyways, my exam should be tomorrow Tuesday 19th of May 2009, where I would be asked to speak to some people on the air then start call, I think I need to practice one more time, hope my trainer would give me some time today so I'd go DX for the second time & get used to it, specially when ppl pile up for a 9K2 Call!

It is kinda confusing the 1st time where you listen to many signals being mixed up & all those call signs & then you have to pick a station, also for a 1st timer it's a little bit stressful knowing all those ppl are listening & knowing that your not quite yet a professional operator :P.

So for all people, if someone reads this before my exam time (I doubt), I should be on the band (20m I assume, depending on the propagation & the will of my examiners) around 13:00 UTC or 16:00 Kuwait time, from station "9K2RA".

Wish me luck ;) ... Nine Kilo Two Romeo Alpha going QRT, 73's


The Moment to Last Forever!

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The Moment to Last Forever!

Yes, I do suck in drawing I know :P

But I had this idea of time dilation in the theory of relativity.

t = t. / srt(1-(v/c)^2)

P.S: For the moment to last forever "v" should equal "c", I just made it a little closer to reality here :P .. lol

In this equation & with the speed of .99999c, 5 minutes would last 18.6 hours.
1 day would last 223.6 days.
"c" equals the speed of light = 3*10^8 m/s.

The bottom line, if you travel @ the speed of light, time stops!


The Green Red Light !

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The Green Red Light !

Just imagine saying that to your local police officer :P
A question in my modern physics book (Relativity Chapter) says:

“A physics professor claims in court that the reason he went through the red light was due to his motion, that is was Doppler shifted to green”

Now some may not know what is the meaning of Doppler effect, so I'll explain that briefly.
You sure do remember standing on the sidewalk where someone angry is passing by you in his car with his hands on the horn, or maybe an ambulance or a fire truck where passing by.
The sound is always with a higher pitch when the sound generator is approaching while at lower pitch when leaving. This is called the Doppler effect, it's basically depending on the speed of motion of the object, speed of sound in the medium (in the case of sound) & the initial frequency (the sound of the source).

Now in the case of light, things gets a bit more complicated, since light moves at the speed of... (well, light of course). The relativistic effect should be included.

The relativistic Doppler effect is indicated by the law:

Relativistic Doppler Effect

c = Speed of light = 3*10^8
Lambda = wavelength
For the red light = 650 nm
For the green light = 550 nm
u = The speed of motion.
Note that: u = -u in case of approaching.

Doing the math to get u, we discover that based on the professor's claims, he was driving with a speed of (5*10^7 m/s), a more convenient unit (180*10^6 km/h) or (112.5*10^6 miles/h).

Well, if it was me, I'd pay the fine for crossing the red light rather than that cosmic over speeding! :P


Bypass Windows Activation/Deactivation in Less Than 1 Minute.

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Few days ago, my Windows has been deactivated. I was using an un genuine copy of Windows XP Pro. (Well I've tried Vista on my new semi super computer for a week & simply couldn't take it, I had to have a Windows OS for my games ASAP).
I have installed it on my computer & was planning to purchase the key cause I just like to do it legally.
Unfortunately, all shops where selling Windows Vista "or as I call it Zefta" (Related to Arabic term Zeft, which is bad).

So what happened after SP3 was installed is that it counted down 30 days & then locked.
So I was working on my computer (Running Linux OS as default BTW) & wished to go play some online gaming, So I restarted into my gaming OS (Pointing that Windows is useless in terms of reliability & security) only to discover that Windows has been locked.

I discovered some quite interesting stuff when it comes to activating your Windows the pirate way but I'll not mention it cause am one of the guys who encourages to have a genuine copy. It might seem a lot to pay over a $100 for an OS that will only be used for gaming, but I think it's better than stealing anyways.

So I was going around trying to find a way to override the activation process or at least change my invalid key to a valid key (Hacked), just temporarily to play the game & then I'll have the headache searching for a shop selling Windows XP Pro the next day somewhere here. (Don't blame me nor the shops, but it's Microsoft whom decided to stop their support to XP for their other crappy OS Zefta!)

I then discovered a post that suggested to Open MS Narrator & Open IE from there for Internet browsing & maybe run "My Computer" & view the files.
Well, I took it beyond that. I accidentally discovered that if you try to access the C drive of your computer via IE that Windows will crash its self to the desktop & unlocks the desktop, taskbar & other startup applications.

It was so hilarious that I was laughing like a maniac! It's just simply unbelievable! Microsoft Windows is just so buggy that they even fails to safely secure the OS even if it should be locked.

The video is on Youtube.


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